1. Above the editing form on the left is a row of blue icons. Click on "Post Cover."

    EB BlackRow AddCover CAPT

  2. When you select "Post Cover" you will see an area above your post where you can drag in or browse for an image. The ideal width range is from 350px to 900px wide.

    EB Add PostCover

  3. After you have selected and uploaded your image, you can verify (or delete and add a new one) by clicking again on "Post Cover". It will appear in your posts as a rectangle in the upper right, and will expand when clicked.

  4. Publish and view your post with image.

  5. To add full-size images or videos to the body of your post, click on the "Media" link at the top, three icons to the left of "Cover".

    EB Add Media

  6. Then click "Upload" on far right if you are adding a new image or media object. (NOTE: always best to LINK TO videos on services like YouTube or Vimeo than to upload large video files.)
    Or select "My Media"  (or "All Posts" or "Shared Media." Previous images will be listed for you to select.

    You will see options for placing images you have previously uploaded/ Before uploading, you can also create named folders, to help you sort and organize images.

    (More to come for these tools.)

Video Tutorials on YouTube

These are excellent.