1. EB EditMenu CAPT

      To edit an existing Post, navigate to that Post page
      (Poetry—>My Poetry Pages).
      In the upper right of any of your posts is a Pencil icon.

    2. Click this icon to see the Edit Menu.
      From here you can open a post to Edit,
      Delete, or Unpublish a post.

    3. GearToMakeToolsReappear CaptWhen the post opens for editing,
      you will normally see only the
      Text and Title editing fields, for quick edits.
      To re-open the WYSI formatting and block tools,
      click on the Gear icon in the lower right corner.

    4. MemberLoggedInLowerRighMenu CaptAs a convenience, all site pages have a Member menu (after you login), with links to new post, editing, and more.

Video Tutorials on YouTube

These are excellent.