Interview with Roger Aplon, editor of CAPS 2020 Anthology

Read a recent interview with Roger Aplon, friend and long-time supporter of CAPS and editor/publisher of Waymark - Voices of the Valley here:

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Susana H. Case & Ken Holland, Friday, February 5, 7:00pm

Our first First Friday Zoom of 2021 features two great poets. Susana H. Case makes her first CAPS feature reading from her latest book "Dead Shark on the N Train" plus new work. Longtime friend and supporter Ken Holland, who received two Pushcart nominations in 2020, will be our second feature. As always a two poem, five minute open mic will follow the features. We have instituted a small Tip Jar donation for all events to continue all of CAPS future events and publications. Thank you for your continued support, words and generosity!

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Be The Feature Zoom Event 1/21/21

Our first open mic Zoom Event of 2021 and the first for Biden/Harris featured poetry from a host of friends and supporters. Special thanks to Greg Correll, Amanda Russell, Gary Siegel, Roberta Gould, Dan Brown, Sally Rhodes, Tanya Tyler, Todd Paropacic, Suzanne Rancourt, Penny Brodie, Tom Nolan, Marina Mati, and Julie Lomoe. Register for our next Be the Feature,  Thursday February 18 7:00pm on the CAPS home page.

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Links to Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets 1/14/21

Our first inaugural livestream From Green Kill Gallery in Kingston featuring Teresa Costa, Marina Mati, & Cheryl A. Rice.



Listen and share. Spread the word! 

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Congratulations Ken Holland!

In 2020, Ken Holland had not one but two poems nominated for a Pushcart Prize. The first poem, "Summer of the Gods," appeared in Naugatuck River Review, and in fact was awarded third place in their annual contest prior to the journal nominating the poem for the Pushcart. The second poem, "Falling Awake" was published in Shot Glass Journal. Since the small presses make their nomination decisions at the end of the year, Ken heard from both journals in gifts like this are rare. This is his third nomination. 

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Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets

Thanks to D.b.Schell & Green Kill Gallery, CAPS kicks off another year with a new livestream event, Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets. Scheduled for every second Thursday at 7pm, CAPS will feature three poets reading from new and selected works for 20-25 minutes each. You're mostly familiar with many of the names, but it'll be great to see these fine poets live again!

Our inaugural livestream, Thursday January 14th, features Teresa Costa, Marina Mati and Cheryl A Rice. February 11th will feature Bruce Weber, Leslie Gerber, & Seamus Casey. So far for March we have Pamela Twining & Andy Clausen... stay tuned to this space for more livestream features.

Here's the link. . .

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Viva democracy et all . . .

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Mightier - Poets for Social Justice

 "In challenging times like these, poetry and the written word give expression to our col- lective experience, enrich our understanding with new insight and perspective, challenge us and inspire us. CAPS anthologies achieve this consistently by bringing together gifted artists from the Hudson Valley and across the world, and we thank you for the opportunity to explore perspectives on social justice, injustice, and liberation through this vibrant collection of work." — Senator Jen Metzger, NYS Senate, 42nd District

Edited and curated by artivist & former Dutchess County Poet Laureate Poet Gold  and CAPS own webmaster Greg Correll, Mightier - Poets for Social Justice is the newest and most profound anthology of voices from CAPS Press. Featuring poets from around the Hudson Valley and the world, Mightier - Poets for Social Justice is exactly what we all hoped it would be: a starting point of a necessary and painful conversation.

"To inspire change, we must not shy away from difficult conversations and perhaps now more than ever, poetry provides an outlet to communicate with one other in a unique and beautiful way about important issues." — Marc Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive 

"Poets, writers, painters, performers, muralists, and musicians—have the ability to distill the world they live in through their art. They are today's prophets, philosophers, and truth tellers that make sense of our lives and societies. This anthology captures the urgent voices of poets harmonizing with the voices of the oppressed, the forgotten, the newly awakened, and the ignored." — Linda Marston-Reid, Executive Director, Arts Mid-Hudson, NY 

Available at:;jsessionid=FE4DFBCCD1DB4D616CEF1219850945F5.prodny_store02-atgap17?ean=9780997325850

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Calling All Poets 2021

March begins CAPS twenty-second year of providing an open, democratic forum for novice and veteran voices alike. A far flung community of poets, patrons, and the fondly curious, who assemble monthly to check in, say hi, and inspire.

Join us, as most customarily do, for our First Friday Zoom featuring two poets followed by a 2 poem, 5 minute open mic. Every second Thursday at 8 pm Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets. Three featured poets live-streaming from the stage at Green Kill Gallery. Every third Thursday's salon styled Be the Feature Zoom event features an expanded open mic and welcomes open discussion. Start time for both First Friday & Third Thursday events is 7:00 pm.

Register for any CAPS Zoom events at Watch Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets on YouTube at

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social distance

i thirst for words

from the well of your mouth

to wash through me

fill me

with the matter of your spirit

tell me,

did we connect?

our faces flat

on a screen that distills contact

into distance?

the curve of your back presents itself

to the nape of your neck,

hair, the smell of wet stone,

forehead, flesh-covered dome

resounds with story,

rounds of eyes sculpt

an intention – shuttered in sleep,

they swing open at dawn,

as you lay on a furrowed bed.

and because i grow numb

without you at my side

i will tell you

how my feet feel on the floor.

i thirst for words

from the well of your mouth

to wash through me

fill me

with the matter of your spirit

bring us all back together

bring back the whirl

of dervish conversation,

bring us the summer

of our intermingled breath

bring us back to that

remember us

re-member us

deliver us

march 28, 2020

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